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{class Table
| Provides a functionality of a table. You must provide table name;
| Methods defined here:
| __init__(self, name)
| Initializes the table.
| __str__(self)
| Represents Table in string format.
| add_fields(self, *args)
| Adds one or more fields ti the table
| add_row(self, *args)
| Adds a row to the table. The parameters given must be the exact size of the fields.
| export_in_excel(self, filename)
| Exports the table in Excel xls format in the specified name(You must not provide the file
| extension.If fails returns False, else return True
| get_cell(self, row, col)
| Returns the value of the cell in position (row,col). If the position
| (row,col) is outside the table an error will be raised.Remember that the row 0 is
| the row of the table fields.
| get_row(self, number)
| Returns a row of a teable. If row is outside the table an Exception is raised.
| Remember that the row 0 is the row of the table fields.
| search(self, value, field=None, limit=1)
| Searches a value in the table and returns it's position.
| You can optionaly provide field's name for more prcise search.
| You can also provide a limit parameter if you want to get more than one result.
| The default value of this parameter is 1 and the function returns the first matching the value field
| as a tuple of type(row,column). If you provide a larger value for the limit parameter a list of tuples,
| matching your criteria will be returned.
| If no cell matches the search criteria False will be returned.
| set_cell(self, row, col, value)
| Assigns a value to a a cell in position row,col
| If cell is not in table throws error.}

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